Video Production Services

Brodie Audio Media Services are experienced independent film and video producers. We make videos for businesses, individuals, not for profits and community groups. With a portfolio of clients which spans corporate, broadcast, live events, audio & video installations, production for CD/DVD, online streaming and gaming content, indeed any area where audio or video content is required.

Video is a great way of connecting with any audience and the growth of online platforms means that quality video content has become an integral part of modern marketing, and a powerful way of sharing ideas and best practice in all aspects of business and education. Websites and social media provide enormous potential to use your own platform to leverage the power and reach of effective video communication to improve marketing, internal communications and effective dissemination of your message.

We aim to provide a friendly and approachable service which will connect you and your organisation with our expertise and experience, removing the obstacles, both technical and creative, that may stand between you and effective and engaging video content for your organisation.

We would welcome your enquiries so please use our Contact page for initial enquiries.

Working With You

We are video communication specialists.

We use our experience and knowledge of delivering communication projects via video to help you deliver your key promotional and learning objectives effectively and in an engaging manner.

We work best when we’re involved in the decision making process from the start, because that’s when our experience is most valuable to you. If we understand your key objectives from the outset then we can work alongside you throughout the process to plan the best project that will achieve the results you want. Contd./

Getting Started!

If you're new to video production, or maybe you have used video before but would just like to understand the process a bit more fully then we have prepared some handy guides for you.

Beginning Your Video Project is a beginners guide to getting your project started, and the steps you will need to take before filming begins. It covers areas such as aims and objectives, content, delivery and production schedules. We hope that more experienced users may also pick up some handy tips! You can read it in full here!

Our Guide To Video Production takes a step by step approach to the video production process, outlining and explaining important elements such as key themes and ideas, 'treatments' and scripts, key personnel and final delivery. In conjunction with 'Beginning Your Video Project' it provides a comprehensive introduction to the world of filming and video production, and will help work more effectively with your chosen production team.
Read our Guide to Video Production here!