Live Video Streaming

Live Video Streaming

Reach Your Audience

Live video streaming is an effective way for you to engage with your audience or customers in real time. Whether you are delivering a sales presentation, delivering training, teaching a class or hosting a Q&A session, live streaming enables you to entertain, inform and engage with your audience in a very immediate way.

You can choose to stream to your existing social media channels or host the stream on your website, or a combination of these. Whatever approach is most appropriate for your brand or application we can provide the technical support you need to ‘go live’!

Schedule & Manage Your Event

Scheduling events is a great way to build interest and engagement. Whether your event is a one-off or part of a series, pre-event publicity presents an excellent opportunity to build interest and anticipation, establish contact with your audience old and new, and build those relationships.

You can manage every aspect of your event from who can view, by using unlisted (unsearchable) links or password protection, to the details of your content and branding.

Global Reach

In addition your live streamed event will be available online to playback after the event, making a valuable resource for those that couldn’t make the scheduled live stream, or those that did make it but are keen to review the content, or indeed anyone who discovers your content after the event!

Live streaming presents all kinds of opportunities for authentic engagement and digital content creation.

It can take you into markets which were previously hard or expensive to access your audience is potentially global!

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