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Beginning Your Video Project

Great news! You’ve decided that you would like to produce your own video-based resource. Video production is an exciting and rewarding process that can provide for a powerful and engaging way of sharing your ideas. But before you can get started, it is important that you consider some key questions. Your answers to these questions will help to […]

How to De flicker Strobe Problems in Adobe Premier Pro

If you have ever suffered from a strobe effect from overhead fluorescent lighting on a video shoot then this quick video tutorial might just offer a solution. This example is in Adobe Premiere Pro but the principle should be the shame in any editor.

Creating Nested Sequences for Multi-Camera Editing in Premiere Pro

For anyone involved in video production and multi-camera shoots, even if it’s as simple as a two camera interview then the features in available in modern NLEs (Non-linear Editors) for multi-camera editing can be a boon. If however you happen have mulitple clips, perhaps separate audio recorder files as well, that you want sync with […]