Working With You

teamwork-working togetherWe are video communication specialists.

We use our experience and knowledge of delivering communication projects via video to help you deliver your key promotional and learning objectives effectively and in an engaging manner.

We work best when we’re involved in the decision making process from the start, because that’s when our experience is most valuable to you. If we understand your key objectives from the outset then we can work alongside you throughout the process to plan the best project that will achieve the results you want.

The starting point for your project is for us to listen closely to your ideas and understand your project’s needs and objectives. The type of questions we ask might be:

What are your key objectives?
Who is your audience?
How do you want them to think, feel and behave after they have used or viewed your video?
How are you going to measure and monitor the success of your project?
What are the timescales?

Once we have this information and feel we completely understand your objectives then we can begin to suggest what your project might look like.

By working closely with you we will design and develop your project using the best medium for your audience and message, taking into consideration your timescales and budget.

We have prepared some guides to help get you started with planning your project the first ‘Beginning Your Video Project’ is available here and then our ‘Guide to Video Production’ which we hope will help you navigate the process of producing your video.